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Endocrine Society of Australia Top 5 Practice Tips

The Endocrine Society of Australia (ESA) has published its top 5 list of interventions and practices to avoid.

The list was developed by Endocrinologists as part of a Royal Australian College of Physicians initiative that encouraged each medical specialty to think about the clinical circumstances in which some of their practices (medical tests, procedures or interventions) should be questioned and discussed by physicians.

The ESA’s top 5 practices and interventions to avoid: 

1. Don’t routinely order a thyroid ultrasound in patients with abnormal thyroid function tests if there is no palpable abnormality of the thyroid  gland.

2. Don’t prescribe testosterone therapy unless there is evidence of proven testosterone deficiency.

3. Do not measure insulin concentration in the fasting state or during an oral glucose tolerance test to assess insulin sensitivity

4. Avoid multiple daily glucose self-monitoring in adults with stable type 2 diabetes on agents that do not cause hypoglycaemia.

5. Don’t order a total or free T3 level when assessing thyroxine dose in hypothyroid patients.


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